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Cakewalk Home Studio 9.0

Cakewalk's Home Studio 9.0 provides a truly impressive home recording package that will let any musician create and mix music. Regardless of your level of expertise, chances are this package will fit the bill with its array of powerful features--enough to please even most professionals. If you've ever wanted to compose music at home with your MIDI-compatible instrument, Home Studio puts a nicely functional package within reach.

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Easy CD Creator 5.0 Platinum

Admit it: After installing your first CD burner, you transferred every byte of audio and data on your hard drive to CD simply because it was so cool that you could. Whether you're an audio-CD burnaholic or simply perform the occasional hard-drive backup, Easy CD Creator 5 offers excellent options for getting the job done. This powerful program delivers an exhaustive collection of data transfer and formatting options behind a super-slick interface.

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Toast 5.0 Titanium CD Recording Software

Toast 5 Titanium for Macintosh lets you make your own music, data, and video CDs. Turn your digital photos into a video slide show and burn them onto a disc. Make VideoCDs from your iMovies that are playable on DVD players and your TV. Turn scratchy LPs and cassettes into crystal clear CDs. Convert MP3s into audio CDs. Protect your valuable data on CDs for backup or to share with users of Windows PCs. Print custom labels and cases for your new CDs. Toast 5 is also the perfect companion to iMovie and iTunes, and supports the Macs and CD recorders that Apple doesn't.

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Cakewalk Pyro

Cakewalk's Pyro organizes and converts the digital music that flows between the tech-lovin' audiophile's computer and his or her home stereo, portable MP3 player, or preferred new-fangled audio device. It's not the first all-in-one software product of its kind, but it does offer unique sound-processing enhancements and CD-creation tools--from burning to labeling--that may appeal to users who wish to customize files with sound effects.

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BurnWrite CD Creator Deluxe

Burn both data and audio files to CD with this dual-use CD recording product. Designed for simplicity, it allows you to copy on the fly, and features a read-error handling system. Special filters for the audio-CD burner and other features allow you to professionally record, edit, and restore CDs. Other features include a drag-and-drop user interface, a CD search function, Skin Technology, and write-and-read tests.

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Use Adaptec Jam to create audio CDs by using your Macintosh. This versatile program can burn discs from SDII (Sound Designer), AIFF, and WAV files on your hard disk, converting them to audio tracks on the CD. You can set the volume track by track, independent for each channel, and nondestructively, which means that you won't overwrite the files on your hard disk. Jam also can write in Disc-at-Once mode, in which one or more tracks are recorded without ever turning off the recording laser, and the disc is closed. Disc-at-Once recording requires a blank disc and a CD-R drive that supports this feature. Disc-at-Once primarily is needed to record audio discs with a variable (or no) gap between tracks (for example, live concerts). Bundled with Jam is the audio-editing software Peak LE, which allows you to edit and process stereo sound files. Remove unwanted sounds, add your own, move and manipulate audio, and arrange your sound files by using Peak LE. It's a great tool for musicians, multimedia authors, sound designers, and anyone who likes to work with audio. After you're done working in Peak LE, save those files and burn them to disc by using Jam.

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Digital CD Recording Studio 2.0

Macmillan's Digital CD Recording Studio II attempts, in many ways, to be everything to everyone. Been meaning to put all of those LPs onto CD once and for all? How about converting those cassettes (or, gasp--eight tracks!) to the digital realm? Maybe you're not interested in buying an extra player for your thousands of megabytes of MP3 files. In any case, Digital CD Recording Studio II can manage your musical assets efficiently.

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Click'n Burn Pro 1.5

Now, you can turn LPs and MP3s into CDs easily; copy from one CD to another; create data, audio, and multimedia CDs on your PC easily; and back up important files, such as spreadsheets, tax records, and other financial data. With Click'n Burn Pro, you can create custom music CDs directly from MP3, WMA, and WAV files on the fly, with no hard-drive overhead. Perform flawless CD-to-CD copies, archive your CD collection, and create data CD-ROMs and single- or multisession disks. Create Mixed Mode and CD Extra CDs that have both music and data on the same CD. With VideoCD Formatting, you can make a VideoCD from a standard MPEG-1 file and play it on most DVD players. Click'n Burn Pro also provides the ability to split up your recorders to perform several different recordings simultaneously. And, with Disc Verify with Perfect Audio Verify, you'll ensure perfect disc copies and accurate disc geometry after every burn. Get super-fast ISO Mastering, Private ASPI Layer with PxHelper, and a fast, private ASPI layer that offers file system blocking. DJ Burn lets you record live audio directly to CD from a sound card. Get these and many more features with Click'n Burn Pro 1.5 from Stomp.

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Digital CD Recording Studio Professional Edition

Digital CD Recording Studio Professional Edition allows you to record sound files from analog or digital sources, clean up audio, organize tunes into playlists, and burn audio CDs. You can record from both analog and digital sources directly to 16-bit digital files. You can import CD audio, MIDI, and WAV files. Record cassette, reel-to-reel, and DAT tapes directly to hard disk. You can even capture audio from the radio or vinyl recordings.

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Adobe Premiere 6.0

The new Premiere 6 splash screen says it all. You see the familiar running horses that have accompanied the opening screen for years. But more importantly you see a FireWire cable and the beginning of a Web page address. Premiere 6 is ready for digital video, the screen tells you, and it's Web friendly.

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Video Studio 5.0

With more and more folks diving into the joys and challenges of digital video editing at home, VideoStudio 5 offers the aspiring videographer the latest in digital video technologies in an easy to utilize package. Presenting itself as movie-making software for everyone, VideoStudio is designed to reduce the learning curve while improving upon the previous version's capability to create fairly sophisticated videos and output them in a variety of useful formats.

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MovieWorks Deluxe 5.0

With MovieWorks Deluxe, you can create Web movies, personal videos, dynamic slideshows, interactive multimedia presentations, and CD-ROM titles with ease and speed. Tutorials help you learn the basics in as little as two hours. Capture video from a DV or analog video camera, easily edit the duration and start time for an unlimited number of tracks, and arrange your clips in the Sequencer window.

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SoftDVD MAX with Dolby Headphone Technology

SoftDVD MAX is one of the leading software products for the DVD player. If your PC or notebook has a DVD-ROM drive, SoftDVD MAX 4.0 is a great player for you. Exclusive Dolby Headphone Technology delivers 5.1 channel surround sound on ordinary stereo headphones and streamlined high performance on Pentium II and III processors. Also featured are AGP graphics and MMX technology, which provides smooth, clear movies and quality gaming. SoftDVD MAX 4.0 is the easy way to watch high-quality, crystal-clear movies and play interactive games right on your desktop or notebook computer.

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Adobe After Effects 4.1 Production Bundle

A powerful tool for motion graphics and visual effects, Adobe After Effects 4.1 software offers extraordinary creative freedom and control for designing sophisticated motion graphics and visual effects for film, video, multimedia, and the Web. Its tight integration with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere gets you up and running quickly and makes you more productive. The Production Bundle includes advanced motion control and keying capabilities, plus additional 3-D channel, audio, and visual effects.

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Adobe After Effects 4.1 Production Bundle

After Effects 4 was a tremendous leap from the aging previous edition, and version 4.1 again raises the bar. Building on improvements made in 4--a faster render engine, a streamlined interface, real-time RAM preview, and multiple masks per layer--4.1 boasts it's own strong additions. Key features--such as saving RAM previews, composition, project-tree navigation windows, and even effects settings--make this version a solid package and a worthwhile upgrade. If you've watched any major cable network, a recent feature film, or a corporate presentation, you've probably seen After Effects at work. Used for layering, compositing, and animating of elements like video footage, Photoshop files, and Illustrator files, After Effects is the heart of motion graphics for video and multimedia.

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Adobe After Effects 4.1 Standard Version

After Effects 4.1, in spite of the one-tenth increment, is a major upgrade from 4.0 and is light-years ahead of the venerable 3.1. For those unfamiliar with the tool, here's what there is to know: there are few feature films, TV show title sequences, broadcast and cable shows, and TV commercials that make it through production without being touched by After Effects. It is the animation and compositing tool of choice among the majority of working professionals, and with good reason.

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Quicktime VR Authoring Studio 1.0

Apple's QuickTime VR Authoring Studio is a professional application based on QuickTime VR technology that allows Web designers and multimedia authors to quickly and easily create QuickTime VR panoramas and objects. QuickTime VR Authoring Studio incorporates professional features like project manager, scene maker, and object maker, which are intended to simplify the production process of a QuickTime VR panorama movie. Unlike other VR authoring tools, QuickTime VR Authoring Studio helps create multinode QuickTime movies containing objects and panoramas.

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