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Welcome to ShopAtImall.com's Toys & Games Section.

Action Figures Best Bet Classic Malebolgia Covered from head to toe in an array of spikes, fangs, and claws, this nightmarish action figure is a replica of Malebolgia, a central character in the popular Spawn comic book series. Impressively detailed, with articulated limbs, swiveling head, and a barbed tail, he stands nearly 9 inches tall and greets the world with glaring green eyes and a maniacal grin only a mother could love.

Games Best Bet Beyond Balderdash, Full of hot air? Get some mileage out of it! Test your knowledge (real and/or make-believe) as well as your bluffing ability in this creative word game. There are five categories of questions (words, people, initials, movies, and dates). Also, Who Wants To Be A Millionare, Beyond Balderdash, Standard Scrabble, Crocodile Hunter Game, Deluxe Visionary and many more.

Stuffed Animals Best Bet Rock 'N Roll Elmo Elmo has starred on a hot television show, is a veteran of the stage, has associated his name with charity, and even has a ready-to-wear line. He's paid his dues, like any superstar has to. But a rocker? This definitely isn't the Elmo we know from Sesame Street. One listen to his remakes of the Jackson Five's "ABC" and the rock classic "Shake Rattle & Roll" would make even the Gloved One himself smile sentimentally. This gyratin', guitar-playin', leather-jacketed Elmo really does shake, rattle, and roll!

Dolls Best Bet Raggedy Ann 85th Birthday Bear In honor of Raggedy Ann's 85th Birthday, the Dakin company proudly presents this Raggedy Bear holding a birthday cake. The cake opens up to reveal miniature Raggedy Ann and Andy pins that can be worn by collectors and enthusiasts alike. Comes with a certificate of authenticity and has a time limited production for the year 2000. The bear measures 16" tall and the pins measure approximately 2-3".

Science & Nature Best Bet Discovery Projector and Telescope Young astronomers love a good telescope, and Fisher-Price has teamed up with the Discovery Channel to provide one. This durable model comes with an adjustable tripod base--a plus for active young stargazers, who might have trouble getting the view set just so--and it has a magnification power of 17.5x (this means that objects appear 17.5 times larger than their normal size). Although the telescope moves easily up and down, there is no side-to-side option. That limitation can be frustrating; to change the horizontal view, the telescope must be moved. However, with less movement, the telescope is more stable, and this stability makes it easier for the viewer to find and focus on a target. The unit also features a projector option, and there are three View-Master disks of space scenes, courtesy of the Discovery Channel. The images are impressive; unfortunately, descriptions do not accompany the disks. All in all, this is a fine toy that will get young eyes looking away from the television and up to the stars.

Grown Up Best Bet Five Crowns Card Game It's somewhat like rummy. Each succeeding hand is played with one additional card; the number of cards dealt determine which card is wild: e.g. when players begin with three cards, the 3's are wild; with four cards, the 4's are wild and so on up to thirteen cards, when Kings are wild. (Ruth B. Roufberg, Parent's Choice®, 1996)

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