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Welcome to ShopAtImall.com's Software Section. Here you find all the latest software. We give you our personal recomendation of software that will deliver.

Business & Office Descriptions Now Managers & Owners are you looking for new ways to improve your company? Be sure to take a look at Descriptions Now 4.0. Clear job descriptions help employees work smarter and become more effective in their jobs. As an employer, well-written job descriptions help you hire the right people and make fair employment decisions you can defend in court. With Descriptions Now, it's easy to go from blank page to finished job description in minutes. Just choose from more than 3500 built-in jobs, edit, or even combine duties from different jobs.

Children's Software Sesame Street Toddler Parents and Home Schoolers, be sure to check out Sesame Street Toddler. This two CD-ROM collection includes characters, songs, games, and activities to promote fun learning. The first disc focuses on the early learning essentials of letters and numbers, while Elmo's Art Workshop on disc two nurtures creative self-expression. LearningBuddies technology automatically tailors each activity to suit your child's learning level, providing friendly support and encouragement every step of the way.

For the best online educational website for children we highly recommend MrsABC.com this is an educational site focusing on spelling and phonics. MrsABC.com has been awarded top honors by USA Today Online as a educational best bet, Best Of the Web, Pick Of the Day, Busy Educators Award among many.

Video & Music Cakewalk's Home Studio 9.0 Provides a truly impressive home recording package that will let any musician create and mix music. Regardless of your level of expertise, chances are this package will fit the bill with its array of powerful features--enough to please even most professionals. If you've ever wanted to compose music at home with your MIDI-compatible instrument, Home Studio puts a nicely functional package within reach.

Personal Finance Buying/Selling Your Home 4.1 Buying or selling your home can be the most important financial transaction of your lifetime. Every step from scouting the perfect home to selling is covered in E-Z Legal Forms's Buying/Selling Your Home. Knowing when to buy or sell, learning how to evaluate and price a home, and deciding whether to use a real estate agent or go it alone, as well as many other key issues, are examined in clear, concise, everyday language. This guide can make the difference between peace of mind and many sleepless nights.

Linux SuSE Linux 7.1 Professional Edition Stop wondering if Linux is ready for prime time. SuSE Linux 7.1 Professional is here. It starts with the elegant, upgraded graphical YaST2 installation and maintenance utility, which now uses GNU Parted to repartition a Windows drive on the fly. YaST2 recognizes most hardware, as well as offering easier updating and configuration for complex programs such as Sendmail. It can even set up NFS for you.

Networking NetMAX Professional Suite 3.0 NetMAX ProSuite includes and installs a browser-based graphical interface, a firewall, the Linux operating system based on a distribution of RedHat Linux, and a proxy/cache server. All services are preconfigured and integrated. No other software is required. It provides software-only solutions for computers using Intel-based architecture, giving you the flexibility to choose or upgrade to the most appropriate type of hardware to run your server. NetMAX ProSuite installs quickly and easily in as little as 15 minutes. The browser-based interface enables users to run Linux without previous Unix experience. It is designed to simplify complex network administration tasks. Running your server is as easy as browsing the Web.

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