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Gran Turismo 3

When the PlayStation2 was announced, the first title Sony officially mentioned for the system was Gran Turismo 3. If you have played Gran Turismo 2, then you already know what to expect from the gameplay, since GT3 is basically an enhanced version of it at this point.

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Quake 3: Revolution

It took a short while to get a handle on the control scheme of games like Unreal Tournament & Timesplitters, but like in those games, once you get used to it, it's a piece of cake.

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The humans living on Antilia, a colony orbiting the planet Jupiter, think of themselves as Enders, as they're essentially at the end, or furthest reach, of human civilization. After a sudden attack by a fanatical Martian military regime known as the Z.O.E., Ender Leo Stenbuck finds himself with access to the one weapon that can save Antilia: a mechanized attack vehicle called an orbital frame.

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A longtime favorite on the Nintendo 64 and Game Boy platforms, Acclaim launches its baseball series on the PlayStation2 with All-Star Baseball 2002. The game is endorsed by the 2000 All-Star Game and World Series MVP Derek Jeter, and matches its realistic baseball simulation with the 128-bit graphic power of the PS2. All-Star Baseball 2002 provides all 30 MLB teams and stadiums (authentically rendered with working scoreboards, Jumbotrons, animated crowds, bullpen action, and fireworks), as well as more than 700 contemporary pro players. In addition, you'll be able to relive history with an authentic Cooperstown team of 25 baseball Hall of Famers, including Reggie Jackson, Nolan Ryan, and Mike Schmidt. The game even has classic uniforms for each club, so you can suit your team up in traditional Brooklyn blue or Astro orange. Thom Brennaman calls the play-by-play and Arizona Diamondbacks manager Bob Brenly is there to give the game's color commentary.

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Onimusha: Warlords

PlayStation2 owners with a passion for Resident Evil's genre-launching gameplay are in luck: Capcom delivers the same world-famous gameplay style (sans zombies) in a beautiful action-adventure set in a mystical medieval Japanese kingdom. Onimusha: Warlords probably won't win any awards for groundbreaking gameplay, but the fast-paced action promises to overload the senses with more than enough stimuli to notice.

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Star Wars Starfighter

Star Wars Starfighter is finally here, and, as expected, it serves up Wookiee-sized portions of action and adventure. Flying from either a first- or third-person perspective, players must fight their way through 14 sprawling missions that weave together the lives of three seemingly unrelated pilots. Set during the same time period as Star Wars: Episode I, the events in Starfighter parallel those of the movie, letting players participate in the conflict against the Trade Federation from a slightly skewed perspective.

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Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2

Despite terminally poor reviews, the Army Men franchise spawns sequels and follow-ups like they're going out style. From a purely critical standpoint, it's difficult to see what's so compelling to gamers about a series of games that have typically suffered from poor programming, shoddy control, and uninspired gameplay. Perhaps critics miss the point, though - the series' continued popularity and decent sales record proves that there are a substantial amount of gamers who appreciate the nostalgic kick Army Men tries to impart. The games are slowly getting better, too. As Army Men: Air Combat proved earlier this year, all the series needs is a bit more spit and polish to earn its stripes.

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Madden NFL 2001

The Madden football series gets another first and 10 with Madden NFL 2001 on PlayStation2. Utilizing PS2's advanced hardware, the game renders ultrarealistic rushing, passing, blocks, and tackles. As the game progresses, you'll see the field collecting scars of some of the rougher tackles, and the players will show some wear of their own as well. With the Dual Shock 2's pressure-sensitive controls, you can control the type of tackle you make by how hard you hit the button. Along with the built-in AFC and NFC lineups, Madden NFL 2001 allows you to create your own player, choosing between 200 faces, a variety of hair styles and pads--even whether or not he wears a breathing strip on his nose!

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Warriors of Might and Magic

Looking to strengthen its already robust initial PS2 offering, publisher and developer 3DO Company is busy cooking up Warriors of Might and Magic, a third-person adventure that's similar to its earlier Crusaders of Might and Magic. Set in the classic world of Might and Magic, Warriors puts you in the role of Alleron, a tragic-enough hero, on a mission to set right a number of travesties that were falsely committed in his name.

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ESPN National Hockey Night

I love this game. I played it at my friends house and let me tell you it rules the graphics are the best I ever seen and the game play is great so I am telling you you should buy this game immeaditly because this game rules!

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SSX: Snowboard Supercross

With its mesmerizing graphics, fantastic controls, and high replayability, SSX: Snowboard Supercross is good enough to be considered among the finest PlayStation2 launch titles by any fan of video gaming. It's one of those genre-defining and system-justifying games that'll please even folks who normally dislike snowboarding games. It's just that good!

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NHL 2001

NHL 2001 puts you on the ice, literally. Import your face (or perhaps your favorite celebrity's) onto the body of a customizable hockey player and then go on to create your team's logo, jersey, and color scheme. But this isn't just some dress-up game. This game sports the official NHL license, which means you've got access to the NHL's 30 traditional and expansion teams. In addition, there are 20 international clubs to play with. All teams have updated rosters that are looking to check, pass, and score their way toward the Stanley Cup. NHL 2001 uses motion-capture technology to display the moves of professional players, as well as an improved artificial-intelligence system that continually recalculates the offensive and defensive strategies. In addition, each game features the play-by-play and commentary of veteran broadcasters Bill Clement and Jim Hughson. With five different play modes spanning quick play to career, NHL 2001 is ready to take you on for either a short hustle or a long haul.

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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2001

The game of golf is as much about feel as it is about power. With the way Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2001 uses the PlayStation2's analog controller, you'll be better able to fade, draw, or spin your shot. This is console golf's first-ever analog swing, which lets you control power and speed. The game also lets you compete with or against Tiger Woods, Justin Leonard, Brad Faxon, Stewart Cink, Mark O'Meara, and several other top PGA Tour pros on accurately rendered pro courses. Play Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2001 in tournament, skins game, and stroke play modes, or manage your own PGA career in tour mode. Who knows? This might be the start of a glamorous, lucrative, leisurely career.

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Smuggler's Run

In Smuggler's Run, you play as a member of an outlaw gang whose primary objective is to smuggle contraband from point A to point B successfully while behind the wheel; be it nuclear secrets, explosive material, counterfeit money, or what have you. The goal, while it varies from level to level, is to deliver as much contraband and make as much money as possible while cruising in your SUVs, two- and four-wheel-drive trucks, Baja buggies, rally cars, and even military vehicles. Each type of vehicle has its own unique feel and handling.

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Army Men: Green Rogue

The Army Men series shares a characteristic with the creatively destructive neighbor kid. Both return to the yard time and time again with creative new ways to blow plastic army men into pellet-sized bits. Ironically, Army Men: Green Rogue debuts on Sony's next-generation system boasting good old fashioned console-style scrolling action ( la Expendable)

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MDK2: Armageddon

MDK2: Armageddon builds on the popular gameplay of the original MDK. This version features a new 3-D engine, enhanced graphics, new gadgets, and more humor. The game takes place in third-person perspective, and has three controllable characters: Kurt Hectic; dangerously brilliant Dr. Fluke Hawkins; and six-legged, jetpack-carrying robotic dog Max. The 10 environments include Dr. Hawkins's Subspace Art Gallery and the surface of an asteroid that's spinning through space. There also are adjustable difficulty settings, numerous control options, in-game hints, and dual-analog control support.

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Triple Play Baseball

If you thought Triple Play Baseball on the PlayStation was loaded with plenty of big-league features, realistic player models, and intuitive fielding control, wait until you find out what EA Sports has in store for you with Triple Play for the PlayStation2.

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Armored Core 2

Two hundred years into the future and 70 years after the last Armored Core, From Software's Armored Core 2 picks up where the previous sequels left off: a world in ruin, humankind struggling to survive, and order on the brink of chaos. In this release, you'll assume the role of a Raven, a highly skilled mercenary for hire. Your tool of the trade: a ten-ton mech kitted out with a wide variety of rifles, missiles, radar units, explosives, and other destructive devices. Three dueling factions, the Zio Corporation, the LCC, and the Emeraude Corporation are vying for total control of the Mars Development Project. However, each of these groups lacks the resources to topple the others. Thus, across 30 missions, many of which are optional, each will hire you to do its dirty work. As for who wins, that's up to you.

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NBA Live 2001

NBA Live 2001 should've been the greatest basketball game on Earth, but missing gameplay elements and a few other glitches keep it from superstar status. But despite it all, PS2 owners and longtime NBA Live fans will be hard pressed to find a better hoops game for their console in the foreseeable future.

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Midnight Club Street Racing

The main premise of Midnight Club Street Racing is that you and your pals take to the streets each night to race hot rods around town. Along the way, you'll terrorize those pedestrians who are crazy enough to be outdoors at night, and generally crash into anything that's vertical. It goes without saying that then you'll spend most of your daytime hours pounding out the dents from the previous night's misadventures.

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Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore

Not content with the wide acclaim that the Dreamcast version received when it was released earlier this year, Tecmo has added even more new features to its flagship fighting game, Dead or Alive 2. The game, now titled Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore, adds new costumes, stages, and voices to the mix, and for the most part the game has retained its extremely smooth look.

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Ring of Red

What-if scenarios are popular among strategy games. The intriguing historical alternative to Ring of Red is that the Japanese didn't surrender in 1945, and, after decades of fighting, mid-'60s Japan is split between nationalist, Soviet-, and American-backed forces. Now what if those forces had giant, gas-powered battle robots, armed with machine guns, rocket launchers, and field artillery pieces, supporting their infantries? Players will pilot the battle mechs through real-time battles that feature day and night cycles, thousands of attack squad combinations, and detailed controls.

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