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Programming Books
Software Development for Engineers: with C, Pascal, C++, Assembly Language, Visual Basic, HTML, JavaScript and Java
by William J. Buchanan "Click me to Order"

Software Development for Engineers: with C, Pascal, C++, Assembly Language, Visual Basic, HTML, JavaScript and Java by William J. Buchanan

With the move toward s graphic user interface programming, engineers require a sound knowledge of several programming languages. This book introduces most of the main technical languages in a single volume. Using C++ and Pascal to provide a basic grounding in software development the author then goes on to introduce more advanced concepts such as object-oriented design through the development of C++. Sections on Visual Basic and 80X86 Assembly Language follow before Java, Windows NT and DOS are introduced, finishing with an overview of the UNIX system. All the example programs included relate to real life applications.

sendmail "Click me to Order"

Sendmail by Bryan Costales, Eric Allman (Contributor)

This second edition covers sendmail version 8.8, This cross-referenced edition offers an expanded tutorial. solution-oriented examples, and new topics such as the #error delivery agent, sendmail's exit values, MIME headers, and how to set up and use the user database, mailertable, and smrsh.

sendmail for Linux "Click me to Order"

sendmail for Linux by Richard Blum, ANGIE WETHINGTON, Rich Blum

Reveals how to build a mail system for all organizational needs. Provides the solutions and demonstrates the concepts needed to understand the principles and application in the most popular mail support package available. CD-ROM included. Softcover.

Java (Teach Yourself)
by Chris Wright "Click me to Order"

Java (Teach Yourself) by Chris Wright

This book is aimed at first year university or college students or professionals new to the language. The aim is to provide the essentials of the language - the core JDK distribution (versions 1.x). Graphics, Event Handling, GUI Design and basic communications are covered in detail. Examples range from the trivial (Hello birds, Hello sky!) to the complex - car racing game and internet browser.

Elements of Web Design : The Designer's Guide to a New Medium "Click me to Order"

Elements of Web Design : The Designer's Guide to a New Medium by Darcy Dinucci, Maria Giudice, Lynne Stiles

Elements of Web Design, 2nd Edition is written for people who know design but just don't know the Web. It describes how your skills can be applied to the exciting world of Web design and introduces the terms, tricks, and technologies you'll need to know to get started. When you're done, you'll have a grasp of every element of Web design, from assembling your team through planning your pages and publishing your site online.

Cgi Primer Plus for Windows : Learn to Create Interactive Web Pages "Click me to Order"

Cgi Primer Plus for Windows : Learn to Create Interactive Web Pages by Mohammed J. Kabir, Mohammad J. Kabir

Creating & Enhancing Netscape Web Pages "Click me to Order"

Creating & Enhancing Netscape Web Pages by Andrew Shafran, Andy Shafran

This book will show anyone how to add new features that will make their Web pages up to date and hot. It will show additions that readers though were only possible for advanced webmasters. The CD contains all of the software and examples from the book.

Creative HTML Design "Click me to Order"

Creative HTML Design by Lynda Weinman, William Weinman, Bill Weinman

Results-oriented, project-based tutorials provide the information users need for dynamic Web page design. Detailed visual examples document each step of the process and HTML itself. The CD includes tutorials, images, helper applications, and links to useful HTML resources.

Dynamic Html : A Primer "Click me to Order"

Dynamic Html : A Primer by Simon St. Laurent, Simon St Laurent

If the idea of generating HTML for either Netscape's or Microsoft's 4.0 Web browser fills you with apprehension--and perhaps it should--Dynamic HTML: A Primer can help. Rather than providing step-by-step information on a standard that doesn't exist yet, Simon St. Laurent explains the concepts behind Dynamic HTML or Document Object Model (a combination of scripting, style sheets, and HTML) and what you should know before you attempt to create pages and sites that use it. The title is potentially misleading in that Dynamic HTML is only one of many topics that the book covers. St. Laurent also details Java applets, ActiveX, and both companies' implementations of JavaScript and VBScript. Style sheets, layers, and absolute positioning are also described, but anyone who is serious about these subjects should consider more in-depth texts devoted to them. If you are already determined to leverage these features, you probably don't need to read Dynamic HTML: A Primer. However, you'll find plenty of valuable advice on how to avoid the myriad of problems involved in developing Web content for two browsers.

Dynamic Html Black Book 
"Click me to Order"

Dynamic Html Black Book by Natanya Pitts-Moultis, C. C. Sanders, Ramesh Chandak, Jeff Wandling

"Dynamic HTML Black Book" contains everything a Web professional needs to know about utilizing the creative features available with Dynamic HTML. The book demonstrates how to apply multimedia effects on components like text, colors, graphics, animation, sound, synchronized media packages, and layouts. The CD-ROM contains the entire text of the book and user software.

1001 Java Programmer's Tips (with CD-rom) "Click me to Order"

1001 Java Programmer's Tips (with CD-rom) by Mark C. Chan, Steven W. Griffith (Contributor), Anthony F. Iasi

Java has evolved into one of the hottest programming languages for the World Wide Web allowing programmers to integrate animation, music, audio, dialog boxes, and secure transactions into state-of-the-art Web pages. 1001 JAVA Programmer's Tips examines all aspects of Java in detail, using Java applets that provide real solutions. This book gives programmers what they desire the mostcode, code, and more code! The companion CD-ROM includes the complete source code for several hundred of programs presented in 1001 JAVA Programmer's Tips. In addition, the CD-ROM contains the Java Development Kit (JDK).

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