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Buying/Selling Your Home 4.1

Buying or selling your home can be the most important financial transaction of your lifetime. Every step from scouting the perfect home to selling is covered in E-Z Legal Forms's Buying/Selling Your Home. Knowing when to buy or sell, learning how to evaluate and price a home, and deciding whether to use a real estate agent or go it alone, as well as many other key issues, are examined in clear, concise, everyday language. This guide can make the difference between peace of mind and many sleepless nights.

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Quicken TurboTax Deluxe (Tax Year 2000)

It won't make paying easier, but Quicken TurboTax Deluxe for Tax Year 2000 will make the ever-more-complicated process of tax preparation simple enough for all but the most sheltered tycoons. For much less money than even a brief consultation with a pro, taxpayers can obtain this package and get a guided tour through the steps required to calculate federal and state payments or refunds.

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Quicken TurboTax State 45 Multi-State (Tax Year 2000)

TurboTax State contains all of your state's tax forms and tax law changes for the year 2000. It transfers data automatically from your federal return and does all the math. You'll get your state return done quickly, and be confident that it's free of errors. Also, TurboTax State offers electronic filing for practically every state that supports electronic filing.

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Kiplinger TaxCut Deluxe Filing Edition (Tax Year 2000)

Dreading tax season? If you're one of the many who think with anxiety and dismay back to last year's tax season--remembering long, complicated government forms in small print--TaxCut Deluxe is just the thing for you. Begone, long nights with the calculator and W-2 forms--you have been replaced by a fast, easy, and accurate program that can help anyone do his or her taxes speedily.

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Quicken TurboTax Home & Business (Tax Year 2000)

Quicken TurboTax Home & Business has everything for your sole proprietorship and personal taxes, which means that you get all of the money-saving expert tax advice in TurboTax Deluxe, plus extra advice and features especially for sole proprietors. EasyStep Interview places answers directly into IRS-approved forms and performs all calculations automatically. TurboTax finds errors, overlooked deductions, and entries that could trigger an audit, and lets you file electronically to get your refund faster. Home Office Expert shows you how to take advantage of new tax laws and provides advice to ensure that you get every home office deduction that you deserve. Depreciation Expert helps you maximize your depreciation deduction, with extra help on one of the most difficult tax topics--it's like having a business tax expert who gives you easy-to-follow tips on when and how to depreciate your assets. TurboTax Home & Business lets you create and print Forms 1099-Misc and W-2 for your contractors and employees. U.S. Averages by Industry shows you how your income and expenses compare to those of other businesses in your industry. Industry-specific Ratio Analysis helps you measure your company's profitability and performance against that of others in your industry. Business Tax Planner helps you understand the tax implications of business decisions that affect your tax liability. Two-Year Comparison shows you a side-by-side breakdown of your 1998 and 1999 income and expenses, and lets you see what's changed and if there's anything that you missed. Business Tax Library provides instant access to the full onscreen text of official IRS publications and two of the leading business tax guides: "J.K. Lasser's Tax Deductions for Small Business" and "Tax Savvy for Small Business." Video Tax Guidance gives expert video tax advice for business-specific tax topics. Get all of these and more features, which have been designed for business, as well as all of the tools for your personal taxes. Includes one free Turbotax State.

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