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Black & White

Peter Molyneux (Populous, Theme Park, Dungeon Keeper) is known for pushing boundaries. He's also known for taking his time. Both aspects of his personality are in play with his anticipated game Black & White. In Black & White, you play a godlike wizard. You create an avatar from a normal animal, nurture it with spells and training, and send it forth to enforce your will. This avatar's behavior determines how the little people in the game world worship you, and their worship, be it fear or adulation, translates to power. You don't control the little worshippers, however, and you don't directly control your avatar either. And therein lies the game that has critics alternately scratching their heads in confusion and singing praise.

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Tribes 2

1999's online-only 3-D shooter Starsiege Tribes evolved from Sierra's earlier giant-robot combat simulations Earthsiege, and, later, Starsiege. Tribes was the first online-only 3-D shooter, followed quickly by Unreal Tournament and Quake III. But UT and Q3 never really broke out of the humdrum formula of close-combat halls filled with generic warriors. Tribes offered up huge game worlds with weather, character classes, indirect artillery, strategic resources, drivable vehicles, and jetpacks. That's why we're so excited about Tribes 2. It has everything that made Tribes great, only better.

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Evil Dead: Hail to the King

Ash, the square-jawed, insult-spewing, shotgun-toting, chainsaw-armed hero from the cult classic Evil Dead trilogy is back. Picking up eight years after the last installment of the Evil Dead films, Ash is drawn back to the infamous cabin in the woods only to again face evil forces that have crossed over to our world. Our hero finds himself slicing and dicing carnivorous Kandarian demons, vicious deadites, and other unspeakable atrocities spawned by the notorious Book of the Dead. And in true Evil Dead fashion, Ash must once again attempt to save the world from an appalling and horrific end.

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Serious Sam

Serious Sam returns to the roots of first-person shooters, serving up big guns, hordes of enemies, and plenty of attitude. The entire game is steeped in an ancient Egyptian theme, with levels that range from claustrophobic temple passages to wide-open arenas, with surprises around every corner.

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Struggling with inner demons, wrestling with soul-wrenching torment, battling to regain even a slippery grip on reality - doesn't exactly sound like the makings of a good time, does it? All the more reason to marvel at Sanitarium, Dreamforge Intertainment's wholly original and gripping adventure game, for these are the very keystones upon which this game is built. Simultaneously breathing hearty lungfuls of life into the tired adventure genre as well as the wheezy "you are an amnesia victim" premise, Sanitarium is the best non-comic adventure I've played since Realms of the Haunting.

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High Heat Major League Baseball 2002

The award-winning PC franchise (sequel to one of Computer Gaming World's "Top 10 Games of All Time") hits a whole new level this year with High Heat Major League Baseball 2002. Simply put, it's got the brains and the beauty! Combine a slew of new detailed game features with an enthusiastic new two-man booth, a completely new graphics engine and menu interface, and a great soundtrack, and the result is a spectacular baseball experience. It's sure to please everyone from the baseball fanatic looking for accurate rosters and statistics to the casual gamer looking for simple fun and great graphics.

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Michelle Kwan Figure Skating

Compete in a regional skating tournament and then move up to international competition in Michelle Kwan Figure Skating, a highly customizable game that lets you enter the glamorous world of ice skating from the comfort of your computer station. This game gives players control of every aspect of their virtual skater's performance. Users may paste their own photographic portraits onto a range of skaters' bodies before selecting a costume and getting out onto the ice. Once there, players select music for a program, either their own imports or a song from the selections provided. A menu of options at the top of the screen offers skating moves: spins, jumps, spirals, poses, and transitional moves--everything you need to put together a medal-winning routine.

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NBA Live 2001

EA's NBA Live series is nothing if not consistent. Superb graphics, thrilling animations, and real TV-style power basketball are what it delivers. Realism and statistical accuracy are important, but often fall by the wayside in favor of presentation. In short, NBA Live has always been a bit lazy with the fundamentals, but then again, so is the NBA in general.

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Motocross Madness 2

Like your motorcycle games big, bold, and beautiful? All those superlatives and more apply to Motocross Madness 2, the sequel to one of the most fun (if not the most realistic) motocross simulations ever created. This sequel improves on the original by offering larger racing environments, more modes of play, and much more detailed graphics. The environments now have a full complement of trees, cacti, bushes, and other solid objects to smack into, and some game modes even introduce highway traffic into the mix. There's nothing like jumping over a moving semi on your way to the finish line! The new Pro Circuit career mode adds a lot of replayability (and long-term strategy) to the game, and fun multiplayer modes like tag offer a refreshing break to standard racing when playing online.

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Superbike 2001

Superbike 2001 is the officially licensed game of the World Superbike Championship. Its features include:

  • Full championship mode across all 13 tracks that make up the real Superbike World Championship, all accurately modeled.
  • All official teams and all 25 riders from the championship. This includes legendary machines such as the Ducati 996, Honda RC45, and Kawasaki ZX-7RR, and world-famous riders such as Carl Fogarty and Aaron Slight.
  • Incredibly realistic bike physics, meaning superb handling and spectacular crashes.
  • Artificial intelligence. Computer opponents are aggressive, performing overtaking maneuvers, avoiding obstacles, and riding right on the bike's limit.
  • Various difficulty levels and rider assistance, allowing you to increase realism as you increase your skill.
  • Split-screen mode allows you to have a one-on-one duel with a friend.
  • Multiplayer capacity over LAN or the Internet

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Harley Davidson: Race Across America

Harley Davidson Motorcycles: Race Across America is a game whose title says it all--players select a bike and then try to beat other riders in a highway race. This is a perfect choice for racing fans with fast reflexes and nerves of steel. The fundamentals of driving are easy enough to learn in this game, but handling your Harley and maintaining a winning speed can be tricky. It is very easy to hit the ditch, oncoming traffic, or even your race competitors. Fortunately, there are no ramifications if you lose control and crash into a semi. Unlike the real world, all that is lost in a collision is precious time. Players must also budget crucial seconds to filling their fuel tanks--gas runs out fast and often.

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