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SuSE Linux 7.1 Professional Edition

Stop wondering if Linux is ready for prime time. SuSE Linux 7.1 Professional is here. It starts with the elegant, upgraded graphical YaST2 installation and maintenance utility, which now uses GNU Parted to repartition a Windows drive on the fly. YaST2 recognizes most hardware, as well as offering easier updating and configuration for complex programs such as Sendmail. It can even set up NFS for you.

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SuSE Linux 7.1 Personal Edition

SuSE Linux 7.1 brings you all of the advantages of Linus Torvalds's new kernel 2.4. The hallmarks of the personal edition are easy installation, configuration, and use for the home and office. The reliable graphical setup tool YaST2 expedites installation. The automatic hardware detection, resizing of Windows partitions, sound card and printer setup, and access to the Internet are all designed to be handled with ease. The applications can be selected and installed in the course of the initial installation. The software includes StarOffice 5.2, Netscape 4.76, and a host of other powerful office, image processing, and multimedia (100-plus) applications, such as Gnapster and a sound processing application. There is also a large package of Linux games. The new integrated information and help center is supplemented by three informative, easy-to-understand manuals (Quick Install, Configuration, and Applications) that also give assistance to former Windows users.

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Red Hat Linux 7.0

Red Hat Linux 7 contains everything you need to set up a Linux workstation or server. Ideal for experienced users, this standard package gives you the essential components to upgrade or install new machines. New features include OpenSSL with 128-bit encryption for secure Web communication; 2.4 kernel ready; USB support for mice and keyboards; XFree 4.0.1 for improved video performance; cleaner, faster, more customizable GNOME desktop and Sawfish window manager; graphical kernel tuning tool; graphical firewall configuration tool; and many more tools for the developer. The package contains 60-day free access to the Red Hat Network, which allows users to customize how they would like to receive updates and new software packages for their Red Hat Linux system.

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Sun StarOffice 5.2 Deluxe

Let's see--a full-featured, interoperable, multiplatform office suite that's light on your hard drive and drastically cheaper than the competition. Could it be true? Check out Sun StarOffice 5.2 Deluxe and find a sleek alternative to Microsoft Office that's compatible with that suite's files, incorporates nearly all of the same tools and features, and runs on a breathtaking range of operating systems.

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Corel Wordperfect Office 2000 Standard for Linux

Corel WordPerfect Office 2000 for Linux Standard demonstrates that working in Linux doesn't mean a difficult experience when compared to working in Windows or Mac. A nicely functional office suite with word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and PIM (personal information management) functionality, this package delivers what you need to create a wide variety of documents for business or home use. The cornerstone of this suite is WordPerfect 9, a word processing program based on Corel's rival to Microsoft Word. In testing, we liked the ability to open Word 97/2000 documents here. Besides many ease-of-use features, strong online help (through the bundled Netscape browser), and wizards, this product features outstanding Web publishing capabilities, including the ability to create HTML and PDF files easily.

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Applixware Office Standard Suite 5.0

Applixware Office 5.0 is the most complete office solution available as a native Linux program. (Yes, I know all about Corel's thing, but that is not a native Linux application.) Although there is an elegant guide book for the various applications, for the price I expected better documentation for installation and system administration. Although the CD provides the necessary libraries for the major Linux distributions, no instructions are given to install these. Similarly, the instructions fail to inform you that need to change to the RPMS directory before running the install script. Although setting up for printing is nowhere as complicated as Word Perfect, again there is no useful information provided in the handbook. And just try to use the font installer utility! The online help is useless.

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Mohawk is a powerful and intuitive way to configure the Apache server. Designed for Apache administrators migrating from other server platforms, Mohawk features an easy-to-use tabbed interface that offers explicit detail about Apache. You can configure Apache servers across the network, autocreate backups of your current configuration files, set Web server variables, create custom configurations, load preconfigured and custom modules, and browse and manage server locations. Features that make your life easier include a virtual domain wizard, extensive tooltips describing advanced options, and a template wizard.

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ColdFusion Server 4.5 Pro for Linux

Allaire ColdFusion Server, Professional Edition, is a high-performance, open Web-application server for delivering advanced e-business applications. By providing a runtime environment, database connectivity, Internet-protocol integration, state management, security, open integration with leading Web servers, and an array of other technologies, ColdFusion Server makes developing and delivering scalable applications straightforward and fast.

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NetMAX Internet Server Pro Suite 3.0

NetMAX Internet Server ProSuite includes and installs a browser-based graphical interface, the Apache Web server, an FTP server, and the Linux operating system based on a distribution of RedHat Linux. It also installs the Sendmail e-mail server. All services are preconfigured and integrated into both NetMAX servers. No other software is required. ProSuite provides software-only solutions for computers using Intel-based architecture, giving you the flexibility to choose or upgrade to the most appropriate type of hardware to run your server.

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Chilisoft ASP 3.5.2 Single Server 1-4 CPU's

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Oracle 8i

Consistently rated among the top database management systems (DBMSs) for any platform, Oracle 8i for Linux brings Oracle's renowned capacity for speedy queries to the free and flexible Linux environment. Though it's not as easy to learn and maintain as other DBMSs, Oracle will reward its devotees with solid performance and reliability. This package includes all you need to get Oracle 8i going under any version of Linux (as long as the OS is running on a machine with a chip that uses Intel's machine language). You'll be pleased with the DBMS, particularly if you plan to work with large databases and do a lot of customization with Java; the level of Java integration in Oracle 8i is fantastic.

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Slackware Linux 7.1

The official release of Slackware Linux by Patrick Volkerding consists of an advanced Linux operating system, designed with the twin goals of ease of use and stability. Slackware Linux provides new and experienced users alike with a full-featured system, equipped to serve in any capacity, from desktop workstation to machine-room server. Web, FTP, and e-mail servers are ready to go out of the box, as are a wide selection of popular desktop environments. A full range of development tools, editors, and current libraries are also included for users who wish to develop or compile additional software. The Slackware philosophy demands ease of use, ease of administration, and open development: all are reflected in this carefully built and tested official four-disc set. The advanced Linux kernel on which Slackware is based performs well on high-end systems, with symmetric multiprocessing support (up to 16 processors) and special optimizations for each Intel processor class.

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