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Magnavox MRD210 Progressive Scan DVD Home Theater
The perfect theater for homes with standard or high-definition televisions, Magnavox's style-conscious MRD210 consists of a Dolby Digital/DTS-decoding surround-sound receiver with an integrated single-disc progressive-scan DVD/CD player, five satellite speakers, and a passive, ported subwoofer. The DVD drive reads NTSC and PAL DVDs as well as standard CD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3 CD, and JPEG/Kodak Picture CD. Now you can enjoy your digital music and photos in the comfort of your living room.

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Panasonic SC-HT920 5-Disc DVD Home Theater System
The SC-HT920 home theater system from Panasonic packages a high-end, all-in-one receiver and five-disc DVD player with six powerful surround-sound speakers. Connect your TV to the SC-HT920 and you have an instant home theater with power, versatility, and high-quality audio and video.

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Sony DAV-BC150 5-Disc Progressive Scan DVD Home Theater System
Sony's DAV-BC150 home theater shrinks a roomful of fancy equipment into a compact, easy-to-use, all-in-one system. The silvery set features a slot-loading five-disc DVD-Video changer with built-in surround-receiver abilities and color-coded speaker terminals, five satellite speakers, and a 110-watt powered subwoofer. The components are designed to work in concert to deliver spectacular video quality and exhilarating, full-bodied surround sound from both DVD and music sources--including recordable CDs filled with MP3 music files.

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Panasonic SC-HT05 Home Theater System
The SC-HT05 home theater system from Panasonic makes it easy to bring the cinematic experience into your home. The SC-HT05 packages a home theater receiver with six surround-sound speakers. Connect your TV and a DVD player to the SC-HT05 and you have an instant home theater. You can take advantage of the receiver's versatility by connecting other audio and video components, as well.

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KLH HTA-9706 6-Piece 100-Watt Home Theater Speaker System
Heart-stopping bass. Thrilling pinpoint imaging. Incredible special effects. There's no easier way to get to the theater! Includes one 6.5", 50-watt powered subwoofer, 1 pair front and 1 pair rear channel satellite speakers, and 1 matching center channel speaker.

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Zenith XBS344 Progressive Scan DVD-VCR Home Theater System (Silver)
Turn your living room into a movie theater with the affordable and feature-packed XBS344 home theater. It's ideal for bringing large-scale cinematic and musical excitement to rooms where space is at a premium. The system consists of a combination DVD player/VHS player-recorder with an integrated surround receiver and FM tuning, five two-way satellite speakers (left, center, right and left/right surround), and a 50-watt powered subwoofer to drive home the dramatic low-end frequencies.

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Sony HT-6600DP Home Theater in a Box
In years past, if you wanted to watch special-effects extravaganzas in all their glory, you had little choice but to hit the local multiplex. Now, with products such as the HT-6600DP home theater in a box, your living room can host cinema-quality sound that puts all but the most modern theaters to shame. This 700-watt system (120 watts x 5, plus a 100-watt powered subwoofer) delivers exploding sound from its five-disc DVD changer and Dolby Digital-, DTS-, and Dolby Pro-Logic II-compatible receiver. The unit features Precision Cinema Progressive Output technology, which processes image changes at the pixel level to better reproduce the source material, and Precision Drive 2 with Dynamic Tilt Compensation for more accurate playback. In addition to playing DVDs, the system handles CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+RW, and MP3 formats, and offers 20 FM and 10 AM station presets on its built-in tuner.

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