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E-commerce Books
The E-Commerce Arsenal : 12 Technologies You Need to Prevail in the Digital Arena "Click me to Order"

The E-Commerce Arsenal : 12 Technologies You Need to Prevail in the Digital Arena by Alexis D. Gutzman

This item will be published in October 2000. You may order it now and we will ship it to you when it arrives.

EDM, wireless access, listfeed programs, WAP, XML: They donOt sound sweet, but these (and other) power-packed Web technologies are the honey that keep online customers coming back for more. In the war for Web dominance, the site that converts visitors into loyal customers is the winner! When potential customers drop by a site, they expect an experience that's fast, hassle-free, and packed with useful features--otherwise they'll click that "Back" button and be gone...maybe forever!

Security and Privacy for E-Business by Anup K. Ghosh
"Click me to Order"

Security and Privacy for E-Business by Anup K. Ghosh

An in-depth look at the pressing issues involved in protecting an e-business from external threats while safeguarding customer privacyWith billions of dollars at stake in e-commerce, companies are becoming much more concerned about security and privacy issues. Hackers have made headlines by breaking into Web sites that aggregate sensitive information about all of us, which has caused growing public concern about personal and financial privacy. Some online businesses are inadvertently "sharing" data with others when they interoperate systems. This book examines the external threats to a company's system and explains how to react if your system and business goals diverge. It also presents a nuts-and-bolts guide to enhancing security and safeguarding gateways. Readers will find an extensive reference section for the many tools, standards, and watchdog agencies that aid in the security/privacy effort.

Cgi for Commerce : A Complete Web-Based Selling Solution by Gunther Birznieks, Selena Sol (Contributor), Gunther Berznieks "Click me to Order"

Cgi for Commerce : A Complete Web-Based Selling Solution by Gunther Birznieks, Selena Sol (Contributor), Gunther Berznieks

A complete solution for selling products over the Internet, Building an Online Store provides pre-written scripts, a complete section on dealing with security on the Internet, and includes Perl scripts, SQL databases, JavaScript and VBScript code, as well as finished Web pages. The CD contains multiple shopping cart examples in Perl 4 and 5, e-mail libraries, and HTTP libraries.

Building Cyberstores : Installation, Transaction Processing, and Management by Martin A. Nemzow "Click me to Order"

Building Cyberstores : Installation, Transaction Processing, and Management
by Martin A. Nemzow

Now that the technology to vanquish all the thorny problems unique to doing business online is here, the time is ripe for a practical, results-oriented guide for companies eager to make money on the Internet. This important, pathbreaking book shows how to build prosperous cyberstones and handle transactions via the Internet. Focusing on real-world concerns, Building Cyberstones explains how to integrate existing databases with World Wide Web sites for catalog sales, data inquiries, transaction processing, Intranet/Internet payment schemes, and delivery of goods and services. The author also provides helpful tips on designing Web pages for maximum impact, including advice on using Java. The value-added CD-ROM contains demos of order-entry form templates, samples of existing cyberstores sites, tools for collecting customer data, and more.

Essential Business Tactics for the Net by Larry Chase "Click me to Order"

Essential Business Tactics for the Net by Larry Chase

This book gives businesspeople the know-how they need to do business on the Net. Author Larry Chase divides the book into two parts: one for using the Net within your business and the other for marketing it on the Net. Chase shares his extensive experience, offering solid advice to help even a novice approach the Net with savvy.

In short order, Chase shows you how to integrate the Net into your business, using Net services to cut costs and get information fast. He displays dozens of ways to reduce overhead, from sending faxes over the Net to distributing documents by e-mail instead of print. An excellent chapter lists the finer points of using the Net to locate and recruit employees. The book also features the best ways to make use of the Net's information gold mine, including how to gather corporate intelligence on your competitors. The author thoughtfully presents ways to keep yourself anonymous while looking at the competition.

It becomes clear that the author is a seasoned professional when he describes how to bring your business to the Web and how to market it. He advises you to avoid the temptation of spam and to keep the splashy graphics on your Web pages to a minimum. He also addresses sales support, public relations, selling retail, promotions, and more. The book ends with a dozen useful closing tips. --Elizabeth Lewis

Secure Electronic Transactions :Introduction and Technical Reference by Larry Loeb "Click me to Order"

Secure Electronic Transactions : Introduction and Technical Reference by Larry Loeb

SET" (Secure Electronic Transactions) is the electronic payment protocol recently selected by VISA, MasterCard and other major credit card companies as the new global standard for ensuring security and confidentiality when linking credit card holders, merchants, and financial institutions conducting business over the Internet. This detailed, yet reader-friendly guide to understanding this sophisticated technology will be one of the first -- if not the first -- books on this hot topic and is "must reading" for programmers and business managers who need to know how SET will impact their businesses. Authored by a well-known conference speaker and writer for leading computer magazines, the book provides readers with a working knowledge of what electronic commerce is, and the various payment and security systems that have led to online credit card commerce, familiarity with the cryptographic extensions utilized by the SET system, the technical details behind SET, from purchase initiation, through certificate management, to data transport protocols, programming examples and computer code for constructing and rolling out a SET system.

The book includes a bound-in CD-ROM with a working demonstration of electronic commerce using the SET protocol, and ready-made protocol routines that programmers can use as a guide for SET implementation.

Fast becoming the electronic payment standard for many major credit card companies and financial institutions today, SET (secure electronic transaction) is a unique new protocol that allows credit card information to be safely and securely transmitted over the internet. Here's a detailed, yet reader-friendly guide to understanding this sophisticated technology, from a plain English review of SET fundamentals to practical instructions on how to develop and implement the entire SET system on a Windows NT platform.

Digital Money : The New Era of Internet Commerce by Daniel C. Lynch, Leslie Lundquist "Click me to Order"

Digital Money : The New Era of Internet Commerce by Daniel C. Lynch, Leslie Lundquist

Describing for business and organizations the kinds of technology, processes, issues and strategic considerations in establishing the ability to conduct financial transactions on the Internet, this book prepares managers and other professionals for making decisions about whether their businesses require Internet transaction capabilities, and what types and methods fit their needs.

Electronic Commerce : A Manager's Guide by Ravi Kalakota, Andrew B. Whinston (Contributor) "Click me to Order"

Electronic Commerce is a compact illustration of the issues and environment of electronic commerce. This book is designed to prepare business decision makers for the "new" economic model of electronic selling and buying, and describes what challenges are to be met. The authors emphasize the challenges and opportunities of conducting business on the information superhighway.

How do you manage electronic commerce? What is the technology behind electronic commerce? Electronic Commerce: A Manager's Guide is the ideal starting point for business managers and professionals involved with electronic commerce, as well as professionals/users who want to keep abreast of the latest trends and issues in management practices affected by electronic commerce technology. Authors Ravi Kalakota and Andrew Whinston take a down-to-earth approach to a very important business subject, with insightful examples to show how ideas have been put into practice.

Web Security & Commerce (Nutshell Handbook) by Simson Garfinkel, Gene Spafford "Click me to Order"

Web Security & Commerce (Nutshell Handbook) by Simson Garfinkel, Gene Spafford

The World Wide Web is the fastest growing part of the Internet--and the part that is the most vulnerable to attack. Web Security and Commerce examines both the new technologies and the new risks, and describes the best available strategies for minimizing those risks. Topics include basic security, CGI/API programming, cryptography, SSL, digital IDs, Web servers, Java, JavaScript, ActiveX, code signing, electronic commerce, and legal issues.

Attacks on government web sites, break-ins at Internet service providers, electronic credit card fraud, invasion of personal privacy by merchants as well as hackers - is this what the World Wide Web is really all about? Web Security & Commerce cuts through the hype and the front page stories. It tells you what the real risks are and explains how you can minimize them. Whether you're a casual (but concerned) web surfer or a system administrator responsible for the security of a critical web server, this book will tell you what you need to know. Entertaining as well as illuminating, it looks behind the headlines at the technologies, risks, and benefits of the Web.

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