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Computer Add Ons

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CenDyne 4x4x24 IDE CD-RW Drive (PC)

The CenDyne internal 4x4x24 IDE CD-RW drive is an entry-level drive that delivers 24x read speed, 4x write speed, and 4x rewrite speed. The CenDyne connects to your PC with an included IDE cable and features a 2 MB buffer and data transfer rates up to 3,600 KBps. With the CenDyne, you can write, rewrite, store, and transfer your information on CD-R and CD-RW discs, which can hold up to 700 MB of data. It enables you to store data quickly and safely on CD-ROM, making it a versatile and inexpensive tool for sharing and backing up your important files. The drive uses disc-at-once, track-at-once, and packet writing methods.

The CenDyne internal drive uses an ATAPI interface (cable included) and is compatible with PCs running Microsoft Windows 98, 2000 Professional, or NT 4.0 with Service Pack 5. It comes with CenDyne CD mastering software, a blank disc, cables, and documentation.

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Yamaha TSS-1 DeskTop Theatre Digital 5.1 Computer Speaker System (Black)

Yamaha's TSS-1 theater surround system brings premier theater-style sound to personal computers as well as portable audio and video players. Featuring built-in Dolby Digital and DTS decoding, the TSS-1 includes five satellite speakers, a wood subwoofer, and a dedicated amplifier with master volume and individual level controls. The TSS-1 delivers clear 3-D sound from 20 kHz all the way down to 40 Hz, meaning all the sound from a DVD or game will be reproduced faithfully, from the shrill whine of jet engines to the deep bass of an explosion. It boasts a 5.1-channel system for DVD movies, games, and music; a 4.1-channel surround sound for PC and console games; and virtual surround stereo for music and multimedia CDs.

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Creative Labs Playworks DTT2500 Digital DeskTop Theater 5.1 Computer Speaker System

The Playworks DTT2500 is an awesome deal for the current 5.1 surround systems available. Its easy to use control box allows you to switch from 4 point to 5.1 surround easily, and the cables that are included are long enough so that you can put the fronts and rears virtually anywhere. You'll also get a Digital DIN cable, which you can use if you have an SBLive! and would like all digital sound. Even though this is a small system, it is still able to pack a punch. Music sounds great on this system, clarity from the satellites with powerful bass from the subwoofer. Sound is very realistic as you move around in games. A realistic feel. As for movies, the DTT2500 system incorporates the 5.1 dolby digital sound, setting it apart from old technology such as pro logic. Movies, Games, Music: all sound great on this system...A real treat for anyone.

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Iomega 31310 Zip 250 MB USB Powered Drive

Nothing beats a Zip drive for transporting large files or making backups, as it combines proven speed and reliability with the most widespread compatibility. In our tests, we found that this extremely versatile 250 MB USB- powered Zip drive makes it child's play to add this capability to your PC or Mac. And its small, lightweight design makes an excellent travel companion, especially since it doesn't even need batteries or an external power source.

The drive comes with detailed, easy-to-follow installation instructions, but you probably won't even need them. Just run the setup program and plug the drive into your USB port; your PC will automatically assign a drive letter to it and recognize it as a removable disk drive. There aren't any jumpers or switches to set; in fact, the drive has only one button, which ejects the disk. Once it's installed, you use it just like a floppy drive to save or copy files.

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Linksys Instant Wireless Network Access Point

The WAP11 Instant Wireless Access Point from Linksys delivers the freedom to configure Ethernet networks your way. Use of advanced wireless technology gives you the ability to set up workstations in ways you never though possible; no cables to install means less expense and less hassle. The WAP11 operates at ranges up to 150 meters (492 feet) indoors and 500 meters (1,640 feet) outdoors. It provides seamless roaming throughout your wireless LAN infrastructure; an advanced user authentication feature ensures a high level of network security.

The Linksys Instant Wireless Network Access Point is easy to install (just plug in and it's ready to go) and easy to use--Windows-based diagnostic and statistical tools ensure complete control. WAP11 is configurable through a USB port or an Ethernet connection and is fully interoperable with IEEE 802.11b (DSSS) 2.4 GHz-compliant equipment. It comes complete with an AC adapter, a CD-ROM, a user's manual, a registration card, two detachable antennas, and a USB cable. Linksys's WAP11 is compatible with PCs with USB support or Ethernet connection; running Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000 Professional, or NT 4.0; and having at least 500 KB hard disk space.

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