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ZoneAlarm Pro 3

Protect your PC against dangerous viruses, malicious hackers, intrusive cookies, and the annoyance of unwanted Internet ads with ZoneAlarm Pro 3. This complete security solution provides solid protection around the clock--even for "always on" DSL and cable modem connections.

Stay protected more easily than ever with the new quick-start tutorial and program wizards. Pinpoint and map the origin of would-be intrusions with new, advanced hacker tracking. Free yourself from annoying Internet ads with new, customizable ad blocking. Shield your system from intrusive cookies with powerful new cookie control. Make smart security decisions with the help of the new Security Advisor feature. Prevent e-mail-borne viruses from spreading with enhanced MailSafe protection, which guards against 46 types of suspicious attachments.

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TurboTax 2001 Business

Designed specifically for C Corporations, S Corporations, Partnerships, and LLCs, TurboTax Business guides you through your business tax return step by step. EasyStep Interview asks you simple questions, automatically performs all the calculations, and places your answers directly onto IRS-approved forms.

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Business Plan Pro 2002

While computers still can't come up with winning business ideas on their own, they have become essential tools for turning ideas into profits. Business Plan Pro 2002 helps beginners and old hands alike devise professional-looking plans that show banks and investors exactly what they want to see: profitability estimates, cash flow, market analysis, and more.

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Corel WordPerfect Family Pack 2.0

These days, your home is often your office--at least part of the time. The need for effective, affordable, and innovative business and productivity software has never been more apparent, especially for families that have diverse home computing needs. Corel WordPerfect Family Pack 2 offers a complete home office suite of products, including WordPerfect 9, Quattro Pro 9, Corel Print Office 5, Corel Photo House 5, and Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia 2000 Standard.

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WordPerfect Family Pack 3

Regardless of its primary function, every computer should have a few basic software necessities: a word processor, an antivirus program, a spreadsheet application, and perhaps a photo editor. WordPerfect Family Pack 3 provides all of those essentials plus a bevy of other programs. Its cornucopia of software includes full versions of WordPerfect 9, Quattro Pro 9, McAfee VirusScan 5.0, Corel Photo House 5, Corel Print House 5, Compton's Interactive World Atlas, CYBERsitter 2001, and Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 11.

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Mandrake Linux PowerPack Edition 8.1

Whether you need to set up a professional network rapidly or want to install a modern home computing environment equipped with multimedia software, MandrakeLinux 8.1 could be your solution. The operating system comes with even more simplified system maintenance, complete Desktop utilities, and advanced, professional tools. By using these tools and the new online services, you will be able to perform a complete range of computing tasks, both securely and thoroughly.

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Microsoft Word 2000

Is it HTML or a DOC file? The answer is: You probably won't care, thanks to Word's seamless treatment of the two file formats. Using XML coding contained within the HTML file, Microsoft embeds key data about your file--everything from the word count to the line and fill colors. It's quite amazing. In fact, when you employ Word in conjunction with Internet Explorer 5.0, you can view either a DOC or an HTML file within the browser and click on Edit to launch the document. You can then make your changes and simply click on Save--by default Word saves it in its original format, but the Save As option lets you easily convert between the two.

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Microsoft Word 2001 Macintosh Edition

Microsoft Word 2001 for Macintosh offers a number of new and improved features. There is now integration with the Encarta World English Dictionary, which allows people to find definitions of highlighted words. Users now can define complex words without having to launch a separate application or look up words in a paper dictionary. Information-gathering features also have been improved, and go beyond the single-step Copy and Paste functionality of previous versions. The new context-sensitive Formatting Palette was designed to manage common tasks more easily, such as the formatting of text, images, and documents. Personalized services are now offered to the different users who might use a single machine. The new My Identity feature in Word 2001 for Mac complements Mac OS 9's multiuser functionality by providing features that help simplify and automate common tasks, such as filling out forms or getting driving directions. The Project Gallery helps users get started and complete a project quickly, from choosing the right application for the task to creating professional-looking documents.

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Microsoft Access 2000

Microsoft Access 2000 is a versatile data management program, useful for home-office application as well as large-scale corporate databases shared by many users. It's fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 98, and features the same point-and-click simplicity of all Microsoft Office products. As with all Office 2000 products, Web integration is the key to the improvements of Access 2000 over previous versions.

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Foxbase Runtime 2.1.2 Multi Unix/xenix 28 Day Lead Time

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Policies Now 5.0

Employee handbooks containing personnel policies are crucial to the success of any business. Policies Now is the simplest way to create personnel policies customized to your organization. With this software, you can have a legally appropriate employee handbook that's specific to your business--not just a collection of "canned policies" with your company name on them. Any labor-law attorney will tell you that unclear or poorly written personnel policies could cost you thousands of dollars in court. Policies Now takes the time-consuming task of writing legally appropriate employee handbooks and cuts it down to size. Not a "one-size-fits-all" template, Policies Now lets you customize your policies to reflect the needs of your unique organization. Its simple, interactive process gets you up and running in no time. First choose from a comprehensive list. Policies Now provides an overview of the policy and gives you expert advice about a range of related issues. This advice is researched by top employee law and HR experts. It's the kind of insight you'd get from a consultant--at a fraction of the cost. Then Policies Now asks you a few key questions, providing guidance all along the way. Based on your answers, Policies Now actually writes a customized policy. Nothing could be simpler. Policies Now's intuitive tools make publishing your handbook a snap, and its automatic Internet research capability combined with one click LAN or Intranet publishing features take personnel management into the digital age. It's also easy to keep your policies up-to-date with the Policies Now UpdateService. This optional subscription service provides software updates at least twice a year so your policies will stay in compliance with the latest federal laws and court decisions. It also keeps your handbook in step with evolving HR practices. UpdateService also includes a quarterly newsletter with articles on the latest legal trends and the practical side of personnel issues, such as how to implement tough policies.

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