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WMF 7-Piece Stainless Steel Bar Set

This whimsical, yet classy barware set includes an ice bucket, cocktail strainer, ice tongs, cocktail mixer, bar knife, jigger, bottle opener, and rack for the bar tools. (Several pieces possess a face motif that makes this set intriguing as well as unique.) The 18/10 gauge stainless-steel construction ensures a lifetime of mixing and pouring fine cocktails. --Julie McCowan

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Hoffritz 7-Piece Stainless Steel Bar Tool Set with Rack

This all-purpose bar set provides the utensils you'll need to entertain and impress. The set includes a countertop rack holding a bar strainer, double jigger, wing corkscrew, bar mixing spoon, bar knife, and a bottle opener and can piercer; each piece is made from dishwasher-safe, high-quality steel--ensuring limited rust. This set is great for both the bartending beginner and the cocktail aficionado.

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Pedrini 8-Piece Professional Cocktail Set with Wooden Base

This beautiful wooden utensil holder set includes cocktail strainer, round shaped mixing whisk, cap lifter. Also includes lemon zester, stainless steel ice tongs, citrus fruit knife and also includes measuring glass and stainless steel shaker. All stainless steel is dishwasher safe

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Hoffritz 16-Ounce Chrome Cocktail Shaker

From your mai tai to your martini, make traditional cocktails at home with this 16-ounce cocktail shaker. With a precision fit between the top and bottom, this bar accessory gives you the freedom to shake away with no fear of leaks. Use the shaker top to measure your spirits and liqueurs to precise quantities. Part of the Hoffritz Platinum Series, this shaker offers expert craftsmanship and high-nickel-content steel (18/8), providing a rust-free and durable product. --Madeleine Miller

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Oggi Stainless Steel 1-Liter "Dial-A-Drink" Recipe Cocktail Shaker

With the intense admiration most people have for martinis and other classic cocktails, you shouldn't be without a cocktail shaker if you really want to entertain--and this shaker is really cool. Running around the edge of the stainless steel cup are the names of 15 cocktails, ranging from a perfectly respectable Whisky Sour to a, ahem, Between the Sheets (brandy, curaçao, dry gin, lemon juice, and ice). Not your style? Turn the outer cup and peruse the ingredients for Gin Rickey, an Orange Blossom, or an Old-Fashioned. Whatever drink is called for, pour all the ingredients (including the fruit) into the shaker. After a few good shakes, remove the top knob to reveal a built-in strainer. Pour the drink into a chilled glass and enjoy. --Dana Van Nest

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Cuisinart BFP-703 SmartPower Duet Blender/Food Processor, White

Two powerful kitchen appliances have been brought together in this blender/food processor by Cuisinart. The heavy-duty motor base is up to both blending and processing tasks, and won't "walk" on the counter, even when it's crushing ice. Use the blender with its dripless pour spout to make and serve 40 ounces of frozen drinks or to purée baby foods or soups; use the processor to prep up to 3 cups of vegetables, cheeses, nuts, and meats. With one motor base, it's simple to keep the blender out on the counter and then bring out the processor attachment for special tasks.

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Cuisinart SPB-7BL SmartPower 40-Ounce 7-Speed Electronic Bar Blender, Blue

This SmartPower blender by Cuisinart has all the qualities of a great blender. It's powerful, easy to use, sturdy, and efficient. The tight-fitting cover can be pressed on without turning or twisting it into place, and we found that it did not leak even under heavy use. The 2-ounce pour lid allows you to measure and add ingredients neatly without removing the cover. The 40-ounce glass jar has a wide mouth to allow chunky ingredients to be poured. The locking ring is self-aligning, so the glass blender jar slides easily into position, and the leakproof rubber gasket holds the glass jar snugly in place for safe operation. High-quality, patented stainless-steel blades are strong enough for all bar blender tasks, from crushing ice to puréeing fruit. The heavy-duty motor base is strong enough to crush ice without liquid and is backed by a three-year warranty. The seven-speed touch pad control with indicator lights is easy to use and offers great versatility and a range of blending power. The pulse button allows you to pulse at any speed, for tighter control as you blend. --Jane DePaolo

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Waring PBB25 Professional Bar Blender, Black/Stainless Steel

Bandleader and inventor Fred Waring introduced the first blender in 1936; more than 60 years later the Waring blender remains the standard for the field. With this stainless-steel and black bar blender, the company has captured perfectly the sleek, modern look of its first models. The perfect cocktail party appliance, it doesn't just look good but has a strong, efficient (though slightly noisy) motor that zips through ice and frozen strawberries. The metal keeps drinks cold longer, too. The blade is nondetachable, so you never need to worry about the seal deteriorating. The stainless-steel container is also perfect for a classic diner-style milkshake. --Maria Dolan

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Riedel Vinum 6 3/4-Ounce Cognac-Hennessy Glasses, Set of 6

Riedel's Hennessy cognac glass, with its flute shape, features a small evaporating surface, which helps to balance the aroma and taste while tempering the alcohol and emphasizing the bouquet.

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Libbey Flare 16-Piece Beverage Glass Set, Smoke

These glasses are beautifully weighted, dishwasher-safe, and sturdy without feeling clunky. The double old-fashioned glass is 4-1/2 inches tall and holds 14-1/2 ounces; the cooler glass is 6 inches tall and holds 17 ounces. Whether the smoky glass sends your imagination sailing off to a 1920s Chicago jazz club or not is up to you, but with these beautiful glasses, bubbly water with gin and a wedge of lemon or lime becomes a sacrament. --Erin Brown

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Libbey Flare 16-Piece Beverage Glass Set, Cobalt Blue

These glasses are beautifully weighted, dishwasher-safe, and sturdy without feeling clunky. The double old-fashioned glass is 4-1/2 inches tall and holds 14-1/2 ounces; the cooler glass is 6 inches tall and holds 17 ounces. There are eight of each per set. Are these glasses cobalt blue? Midnight blue? Ink blue? Whatever association the color conjures, it is the deepest, most sumptuous blue around. And whether blue glass sends your imagination sailing off to the Mediterranean or to Bristol, England (famous for its blue glass since the 17th century), with these glasses, bubbly water with a wedge of lemon becomes a sacrament. --Erin Brown

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Pfaltzgraff Ocean Breeze 16-Ounce Coolers, Set of 4

  • 4 16-ounce glasses with blue-shading-to-green bottoms
  • Perfect for iced tea, lemonade, water, and other iced beverages
  • Made of heavy glass, with weighted bottoms
  • Conveniently dishwasher-safe

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Riedel Vinum 4 5/8-Ounce Martini Glasses, Set of 6

Yeah, in retrospect it probably was wishful thinking to hope that Riedel--the Austrian glassworks whose innovations in stemware shape and design have enabled serious wine drinkers to get more bang from their Bordeaux, more Shiraz pizzazz --could work alcoholic alchemy on the martini. They can shorten the bowl of one glass so Sauvignon Blanc hits the tongue just so, broaden the mouth of the Burgundy stem to accentuate the dusty fruit nose, flare the lip of a singlemalt whiskey vessel to disperse floral notes. Yet even Riedel's model 416/77, with its classically elegant conical cocktail styling, can't scrub the bathtub ring off of a cheap gin. They make a little jewel of a martini glass, but not even Riedel can make a Sapphire from cubic zirconia booze. --Tony Mason

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WMF Bouquet Glass Wine Decanter

Wine aficionados will do whatever is necessary to achieve greatness from their prized collections. You have the right corkscrew, the right glasses, some good vintages--now add the decanting step to your evening ritual. While it won't turn vinegar sweet, this decanter really does help deepen the flavors of even your blandest red. By providing a broad surface area for the wine, the decanter allows controlled exposure to air, affecting all the little flavor nuances that make wine so enjoyable. The sloped spout makes pouring a breeze, and the construction material--looks like glass, sounds like glass, but is as lightweight as plastic--makes it easy to handle. Because of the unusual shape, it is best to hand wash using a long-handled brush to get the decanter really clean. --Jill Lightner

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WMF Classic Glass Wine Decanter

Decanting a wine can help it develop, and keep the sediment in a bottle off the tongues of your guests. This attractive, rounded glass wine decanter looks good on a table, and it's shaped well for its task, with an adequately wide mouth to make pouring easy and a narrow neck to keep the wine's flavor and bouquet from being lost. It's good-looking enough to double as a vase for flowers. --Maria Dolan

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Pfaltzgraff Winterberry Wine Goblets, Set of 4

These goblets in the Winterberry pattern are perfect for wintertime or holiday entertaining. Standing more than 7 inches tall with a mouth 2-3/4 inches wide, each 12-ounce glass has a pattern of red and white holly berries and branches around the middle. As with all Pfaltzgraff products, single replacement pieces are available from the manufacturer if you ever break one of the set. Best of all, these glasses are easy to care for because they're dishwasher-safe. This glassware is covered by a three-year warranty. --Doree Armstrong

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Hand Blown Crystal Shot Glass

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